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Automapa v6.16 1412 Europa Multilingual (5/11)

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  • Automapa v6.16 1412 Europa Multilingual (5/11)

    Automapa v6.16 1412 Europa Multilingual

    Automapa v6.16 1412 Europa Multilingual | 3.02 GB

    AutoMapa is the first satellite navigation system, which includes a three-dimensional visualizations of buildings in cities and towns Polish and Europe, which places it in close forefront of car navigation systems. With a complete road network in Poland and available only in AutoMapa addresses assigned to particular buildings allows unprecedented precision navigation both domestic and European roads.
    The most accurate navigation maps of cities, hundreds of thousands of precisely described Points of Interest (POI), a unique community of users and the voice of the master steering - Krzysztof Holowczyc, are trademarks of AutoMapa.

    AutoMapa is a leader in bringing innovative solutions. As the first in Poland to introduce a mechanism to circumvent unexpected traffic jams and congestion under the name AutoMapa Traffic.
    ???. ??????????: Examples of compatible equipment (tested):
    Below is a list of models that have been tested and are working properly with AutoMapa.
    AutoMapa manufacturers guarantee the correct operation of the current and future versions of the program only on devices with a valid certificate of AutoMapa. By choosing another device before you purchase, we recommend you contact the manufacturer or supplier in order to verify their plans to obtain a certificate of compliance with the program AutoMapa.
    The illustration shows only exemplary models.
    LiveDrive enabled devices! Having a built-in SIM card slot.
    BLOW CAR SYSTEM 500 Traffic
    HTC Touch Diamond, Touch Diamond2, Touch HD, Touch HD2
    NavRoad Duxo
    LiveDrive enabled devices! Using Bluetooth DUN.
    Aristo VOYAGER S500I
    BT Alga AS_6005 HD
    Audiomedia 5.0 SL AMG, the AMG 7.0 SL
    BLOW CAR SYSTEM 43FBT, 43YBT, 50YBT, 500 Sirocco, 50rBT, 62YBT, 70iBT
    Cruser alpha
    GoClever Navio 500 PLUS, 5066 FMBT
    ModeCom Freeway MX2, MX2 HD Freeway, Freeway MX3, MX3 Freeway HD
    NavRoad LeeAbout, Vivo Plus, Auro, Reco, Auro S, Auro 2S, Vivo S / ST, LeeAbout S / ST, Auro S6, Vivo S6, S6 LeeAbout
    PEIYING PY-5005
    Wayteq 960BT
    Devices using the SmartRoutes without LiveDrive !.
    Audiomedia Nav108E, AMG 5.0
    Aristo Voyager S515HD, S430
    BLOW CAR SYSTEM 43A, 43V, 43RBT, 43VBT
    Becker Active 43 Talk, Active 50 43 Ready, Ready 45, Ready 50
    800 Blaupunkt NewYork, NewYork 830
    Clarion NX502E
    Cruser Alpha A50, B50 Alpha, Sigma A50, B43 Sigma, Sigma B50
    ModeCom Freeway SX
    Navigon 40 Easy, 70 Plus
    NavRoad No 270VW, NR320BM Moto, NR780H Hugo, Q1, Vivo, Enovo S, DRIVE, Enovo S6
    Navman Canada, F25
    Macrom M-DVD5562R
    PEIYING 5003
    RiderGPS Classic 5.0, 5.1 Classic
    Smart GPS SG601, 710
    Wayteq 850
    zubehor Z5
    Devices withdrawn from the market by the manufacturers and devices that do not have a current certificate of compliance with AutoMapa:
    Asus P320, P535, P526, P527, P552, P552w, P565, P750
    Eten G500, G500 +, X500
    HTC Wizard, Universal, P3300 (SPV 650 on the Orange network), HTC Touch 3G
    i-MATE PDA-N
    Samsung i780, Omnia (i900)
    Altina A660, A800
    Aristo M700, Voyager X500, X800
    GoClever 5040
    PEIYING 3501, 4301BT, 4303, 5004BT, 9904
    PENTAGRAM EVO Nomad, Nomad P 5210, P 5220 GT Nomad
    Alfa Rider SmartGPS
    Rider Classic
    QTEK 9000, 9100
    Syngio Beta, Beta Limited Ediszyn
    Trak 430, 515, 520, 530, 550, 640
    NavRoad NR350, NR360, NR410, NR430BT, NR450, NR460, NR460BT, NR470, NR560BF, NR730F, NR750F
    Map Clarion Clarion Map 770, Map 780 790 Map
    Nokia 330 / PD-12, 500 / PD-14
    ModeCom Freeway
    BLOW CAR SYSTEM 35R, 35V, 35VII, 35R, 50iBT
    Blaupunkt TravelPilot 200, TravelPilot 300, TravelPilot 500
    Becker Z098, Z100, Z102, Z108, Z112, Z116, Z201, Z203
    Smailo HD43i, HD50i HD 5.0 Photo
    Release Date: 2015
    Version: 6.16-1412
    Language: Multilingual (Russian available)
    Medicine: Disinfected
    System requirements: Windows Mobile 5/6, Windows CE .NET 5.0 / 6.0, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (*)



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